Kivu Choir

The Kivu Choir performed a live sound-track to the creative documentary film Kivu Symphonie at the 5th annual Salaam Kivu International Film Festival (SKIFF) in October, 2010.

In keeping with the theme of the festival, Seize the Future!, which commemorated DRCongo’s 50th anniversary of independence from Belgian colonization, Kivu Symphonie incorporated images of the region’s past, to foster a deeper understanding of the present, and encourage people to recognize their own power to shape the future.


  1. Beautiful images and great voices.
    Big up to the choir . Kivu Symphonie is a master piece!


    6 yearss ago
  2. DRC Reply

    sustainable initiative!

    6 yearss ago
  3. Bahati Mutatwa Reply

    I am very happy to hear about the Kivu symphony and film jazz Mama Brothe Petna congratulation for you effort. God is manifesting him self in his people keep it up, and networking is net worthing. I love you my brothers and sisters who are working very hard to speak out of the oppression that nation have planned against us but one thing is that ” THE GOODNESS OF GOD SHALL COME TO PASS NO MATTER WHAT THEY DO”

    6 yearss ago
  4. Bahati Mutatwa Reply

    Congatulation for the effort you are doing to speak out so the universe will hear about the atrocities caused by nations in our land, but one thing is that God saya ” ALL THE BLESSING THAT GOD HAS PLANNED FOR US SHALL COME TO PASS IN DUE SEASON”

    6 yearss ago